Friday, May 28, 2010

Microsoft Is Making Some Serious Money!

Bill Gates and Microsoft are making some serious money!

This thought occurred to me when I was reading one of my older Microsoft manuals.

Microsoft provides a lot of helpful tools to help you with your computer problems. They provide direct assistance with a Microsoft Technical Engineer as well. They have a policy where if you still need answers to your technical questions they offer standard no-charge support for retail versions of their Microsoft products.

However if you are seeking help after hours then that is when they will start to charge you. If you require support after normal business hours then you have to purchase "Pay-Per-Incident Support. In the United States that is a fee of $35 per incident. In Canada the fee is $45 plus tax per incident. The support fees for calling their 800 number will be billed to your credit card. If you call their 900 phone number your calls will appear on your telephone bill.

If you have a problem that you think will take more than one phone call then you can purchase different accounts. For example for making 10 calls the cost is $295.

Now remember I said that this information was something that I found from one of my older Microsoft manuals. I don't know if this information still applies today. But I bet that when this manual came out people were using this service - the one(s) where they had to pay the fee - I bet that they were using it a lot!

This is yet another example of why Bill Gates is so rich!

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